Hi, I’m Madi, the owner and founder of Madi’s on a Roll. In 2018, I quit my day job in corporate America to accomplish my dream of starting my own business. Growing up with parents who are business owners - one of whom owns two bakeries, you could say the entrepreneurial spirit is in my blood. And I’m finally embracing it! I started this company to bring you the perfect finger food... Egg rolls!


Well, I love egg rolls. But I also love bacon cheeseburgers and cheesesteaks. But I don’t always want a whole cheeseburger or cheesesteak. So I thought, what if I put a little cheeseburger in an egg roll? What about a cheesesteak? I could have bites of both! 


I’ve been to many food festivals and found that there aren’t a ton of easy-to-eat finger foods. And if there’s one thing that’s easy – and delicious – to eat, it’s egg rolls.

want m.o.a.r?

All this talk about egg rolls probably has you craving some! Check out our events calendar to see where Madi's on a Roll will be serving up some hot and fresh egg rolls. We hope to see you there!